Who We Are

Gull Lake Ministries exists to exalt Jesus and share his extravagant love with families.

We operate as a nondenominational, Christian summer resort and luxury year-round retreat center in Southwest Michigan. We cultivate an immersive experience marked by physical refreshment, relational connection, and spiritual rejuvenation.

Our portfolio encompasses gourmet fare, lavish lakeside accommodations, action-packed activities, and strategic family programming characterized by exceptional, Christ-like service.

About Gull Lake Ministries

Gull Lake Ministries Joyfully...

Serving the Family Since 1920

Gull Lake Ministries has served as the catalyst for life transformation within the family for a century! Established in 1920, Gull Lake Ministries possesses a history rich in ministry and relational renewal.

Powerful speakers and missionaries have graced the Tabernacle stage for decades, and the Gull Lake Ministries staff have inspired faith in the hearts of young and old alike.

Today, our purpose remains the same as that of our founding fathers. We seek “to impact lives for God’s glory” while continuing to develop meaningful ways to strengthen the family and equip the saints for God’s service.

More history on Gull Lake Ministries is available in the book Great and Mighty Things, by Dr. Wendell K. Babcock, which may be purchased in the GLM Dock Shop.