GLM Summer Staff

Your talent. HIS stage.

We look most like Christ when we serve. This simple statement embodies the heart of Gull Lake Ministries.  We want to serve and look like Jesus in everything we do. Each summer, college students from across the country come to GLM to do just that. To dive into what it looks like to live not selfishly, but selflessly, as part of a body who has the sole focus of showing others the Love of Christ. Through counseling kids, to mowing grass, to running a zip line, driving a boat or sanitizing a table, we hire staff in a variety of ways to serve. With full or half summer positions available, potential internships, and industry competitive pay, we don’t want you to miss the opportunity to make an impact on families during summer 2022. Life is so much more than sucking air and eating groceries! Join our team and start doing more for what matters.
-Blessings from the GLM Hiring Committee!
Ropes Instructors
Life Guards
Culinary Team
Front Desk

Sound/Graphic Techs
Worship Team
Work Crew
Full summer salary starts at

Half summer positions start at

Orientation: June 5 - June 10
1st Half: June 11 - July 8
2nd Half: July 8 - August 13
All Summer: June 9 - August 13

Application & Reference Form

All summer positions, regardless of department
or position, are based on the scriptural truth that we are all ministers of the
Gospel according to 1st Peter. Scripture is clear that everything we
do matters to God and he wants to use our service at GLM to minister to others
and glorify Jesus. That is why we say, “We look most like Christ when we serve.”
By accepting a position at Gull Lake Ministries, you agree to serve as a
minister of the Gospel and sincerely reflect the heart of Jesus.

2022 Recruiting Schedule TBD