Commonly asked questions and answers about Gull Lake Ministries.

Sometimes. Guests staying in the condos or lodges will be provided all bed and bath linens. GLM does not provide beach towels, and we ask that guests not take bath towels out of the accommodations. Beach towels are available at the Dock Shop for purchase.

Guests staying in cottages that have not purchased the Cleaning and Linen Service must bring their own sheets, pillowcases,
extra blankets (one pillow and one blanket is provided per bed space), towels, washcloths, and cleaning rags.

For guests staying in accommodations without laundry facilities and have urgent laundry needs, please go to the front desk where you will be issued a one day key to gain access to the Paul and Isaac laundry rooms.

For Summer Vacation weeks, if cancellation is unavoidable, the paid fees will be refunded minus the deposit. If the accommodation is re-rented, there will be a $100 cancellation fee, and the remainder of the deposit will be refunded. Changing your accommodation location is considered a cancellation of the initial reservation.

There is a courtesy phone available for local calls inside the Ministry Center lobby. To mail a letter or postcard, guests can
give their stamped mail to a front desk attendant.

Because we want our guests to rest and get away from the pressures and distractions at home, we do not have TV or
computers available for our guests. WiFi is located in our Ministry Center and Dining Room and is available for business purposes.

We do have irons and ironing boards in all the condos and cottages. We do not have hair dryers available. We offer an
indoor running track, cardio equipment, and free weights in the Ministry Center. Guests must be at least 14 years
old to use the fitness equipment.

Yes! We encourage all guests to wear helmets and remind our guests to pay careful attention while on our narrow streets,
as they can be dangerous if bikers are not attentive. In addition, we ask that the entryways and sidewalks around the
Tabernacle, Dining Room, and Ministry Center remain free of bikes, skateboards, and scooters for the safety of all guests.

Yes! However, we have a limited number of life jackets for little ones. We ask that guests with life jackets for their little ones
bring them for their child(ren)’s use (labeled with their last name).

GLM has a boat dock in the bay, near the beach, with 12 boat slips that should be reserved two weeks prior to arrival. Boats
must be washed prior to entering Gull Lake, unless they have been out of water for more than four days.

We encourage families to select and prepare an act that involves everyone, including parents and grandparents. While
singing and dancing is wonderful, most of the families appreciate creative acts like skits, special skills (tae kwon do, baton
tossing, tumbling, etc.), family-friendly comedy, magic, or a silly, wacky talent! Due to time limitations, and to allow everyone
an opportunity to participate, we can only allow one act per family that lasts about three minutes.

We have a limited number of beach toys. Guests who bring their own should label them with their name.

Because we want our guests to rest and get away from the pressures and distractions back home, we do not have TV or
computers available for our guests. WiFi is located in our Ministry Center, Dining Room and in select guest accommodations (look for the WIFI icon in the amenities list on each accommodation page).

Safety is of the utmost importance to GLM! We train, educate, and drill our staff to ensure that they are prepared to address both minor and serious safety concerns before an issue arises.

For the safety and comfort of all, we strictly enforce several simple rules:

  1. Guests are required to wear modest swimwear.
  2. Gull Lake Ministries is a pet-free environment.
  3. Gull Lake Ministries is a smoke-free environment in all of our buildings and public areas.
  4. No alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or fireworks on premises.
  5. Quiet hours are from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m.

There is a gas station just a few minutes from GLM. The town of Richland is seven minutes from GLM and has a grocery
store. Kalamazoo is approximately 15 minutes from GLM and has a variety of stores.

Maybe. We do not sell day-passes nor do we allow unregistered guests to attend our theme night dinners. However, if a party has unused occupancy in their accommodations (e.g. five people are staying in a six-person room), a wristband is available and may be given to another person for a partial week or just a day. À la carte meals for this person can be purchased in advance.

If an on-grounds guest with available occupancy would like someone to visit for the day, a signed Covenant Agreement and
wristband is all we require for access to all on-grounds activities. A wristband can be cut off of a guest who is leaving and
given to a new guest. Some restrictions apply. For more information, please contact our Guest Services team.

Yes. We offer gluten-free, peanut/tree-nut-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian dietary options. Please let us know if you will be
choosing one of these options at the time of registration or at least two weeks before your stay. Also, for your convenience,
all of our accommodations have fully functioning kitchens, equipped with a refrigerator, stove (with the exception of
upstairs Ben Gordon & Galatians), microwave, and utensils if you decide to prepare some of your own meals.

Unfortunately, no. For a variety of reasons, including food service rules and safety issues, guests cannot take food out of
our dining area.

Yes. There is coffee available in the upstairs lobby of the Ministry Center. There is always coffee available at meal times and
the lodges, cottages and condos have a standard drip coffeemaker.

Yes! GLM has a lengthy fishing dock located behind the Dining Room. Guests 17 years and older can purchase a fishing
license at the Bayview Market just two miles away on the southern tip of Gull Lake.

The beach is closed when lifeguards are not on duty. However, guests may choose to swim at their own risk (understandably,
GLM assumes no responsibility). The water toys (aqua jump and iceberg), boats, and canoes are closed and off-limits when
lifeguards are not at their posts. All guests swimming in our designated swimming area, out past our shallow rope buoy to
our deep-water toys, as well as anyone using our paddleboats, canoes, and other personal watercraft, will be required to
wear a securely fastened life jacket.

With dozens and dozens of families arriving within the same two-hour window, and everyone desiring a fast and smooth
check-in, it is essential that we receive final payment and required forms at least two weeks prior to arrival.

Each year, our GLM hiring team travels to several colleges and universities to find our mature, Biblically grounded,
Jesus-loving, college-aged summer staff. Every GLM staff member must pass a background check before hire.
Once hired, our summer staff receives about 80 hours of training before they can interact with guests.

The short answer is no. We want to be sensitive to those guests who come with dog allergies, sensitivities, and fears as well as those who are supported by ADA certified service dogs. If you would like to bring a service dog please contact us at least 2 weeks before your event so we can share details of the appeal process and evaluate your unique situation.