The Gull Lake staff team feels that summer family campers are extended family to us. Though we are deeply troubled by this crisis, we know the Lord is in control and loves us. In light of the unknown trajectory of this virus, we will be eliminating our current cancellation policy for summer family vacation reservations. We think the odds are in favor of summer family vacations happening at GLM, and we are planning a variety of action plans based on where we see the possible outcomes taking us.

As far as your reservation, we will do whatever is best for you and your family. If we get closer to summer and your upcoming week looks like you need to cancel, you can move your deposit forward to summer 2021 and you can select your housing reservation after June 16 when we begin taking future reservations. If you want your full refund, we can provide that. Do what is best for your family. If you are so moved, and would consider donating any of the deposit, or making a separate donation to GLM, we would be deeply grateful.

We trust the Lord to do what He sees best with this ministry now and into the future, whatever that looks like. Lastly, if you really want to come this summer, we want to see you and are all for delaying your decision, if you are considering a cancellation. A gloomy scenario from our perspective is to have the governmental safety clearance, the summer staff here, trained and ready to serve, but have limited attendees as so many families cancelled early. That said, do whatever is in the best interest of your family and we will fully support you.